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Cooley Psychology provided online mindfulness – something our team appreciated enormously. Finding ways to support our staff in coping with enforced isolation is something we care deeply about and we were delighted with the session. We all took away some great tools to help us continue the practice daily. We highly recommend Cooley Psychology to other organisations looking to support their staff.
- 2021 -

Saint Gobain

Cooley Psychology was a positive and powerful addition to our guest speakers. Their insight into the subject of stress management and explaining how our brain works, coupled with an easy and highly engaging delivery style, made it a great success. There was excellent client focused content, which was relevant, academically underpinned and tailored to our needs. The feedback was super.
- 2020 -


Cooley Psychology joined us for our Sales and Marketing Event that focussed on Health and Wellbeing and ran workshops that complimented the subject nicely. By providing workable tools and ways of building positive thinking, the team came away with much more than they had anticipated. Sam was open and honest in his approach and really felt like part of the team over the two day event!
- 2019 -


I asked Cooley Psychology to present at our monthly Wellbeing Club - a place for my team to come together and engage and learn. Robyn was an absolute pleasure to work with. She delivered a fantastic session for us on Finding Fulfilment and the feedback from the team was overwhelmingly positive. I had various comments afterwards commenting on how much they enjoyed Robyn’s session and her style of delivery
- 2021 -

e2E Group

The workshops were very thorough and informative and Robyn’s engaging and knowledgeable approach ensured an open and collaborative environment with great participation from all attendees. The content was both interesting and relevant with lots of information seamlessly blended with practical advice, which delegates later commented they had already successfully implemented. Many thanks to Robyn and the team for delivering professional, enlightening and useful workshops.
- 2021 -

Shaping Cloud

Cooley Psychology provided us with a well-considered and impactful workshop. The content was fascinating, giving both practical examples and applications as well as being evidenced by science, which felt very inclusive of viewpoint and learning styles. I’d highly recommend Robyn to any team wanting a workshop around mental health, including stress, anxiety, and managing change.
- 2021 -

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Cooley Psychology offers a range of wellbeing and training services to our corporate clients. We have a number of pre-designed wellbeing packages for you to select from. Alternatively, talk to us about your objectives and we can work with you to design a bespoke programme that targets the needs of your business and colleagues. Employing our services will foster a psychologically informed environment (PIE), which contributes towards improved wellbeing and resilience of employees, as well as enhanced productivity. All prices are available on request

Personal development and wellbeing for businesses

Cooley Psychology deliver presentations to large audiences as well as more interactive workshops for smaller groups. 

A range of our pre-designed presentation topics are provided below: 

Managing stress and anxiety in the workplace

Stress is one of the largest contributors to absenteeism and staff turnover. This session will offer an understanding of how our brains respond to stress and anxiety, as well as their limiting effects on sleep and our ability to function optimally in cognitive tasks such as problem-solving and creativity. Evidence-based psychological theories such as cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), along with practical tools, will be explored to enhance emotional resilience and performance in the workplace.

Kicking the habit / Healthy lifestyle choices: Supporting you in pursuit of personal and professional values

Why is it that we sometimes find ourselves engaging in lifestyle habits and behaviours that are unhelpful in the long term and ultimately contribute to our daily stress? This session will draw on a psychological understanding of how habits and ‘crutches’ that we rely on to cope can move us away from our values. Practical guidance on techniques such as mindfulness will be introduced to support you in the recognition and pursuit of what’s important to you.

An introduction to positive psychology for personal growth and resilience

Positive psychology involves shining a light on the capabilities and values of a person and their workplace, rather than focussing on what’s ‘wrong’. This session will support you in identifying your own unique character strengths and what you bring to your organisation. It will also provide guidance on how to build a workplace environment that caters for employees’ basic psychological needs and fosters intrinsic motivation, growth and positivity, even in the face of a challenging climate.

Increasing wellbeing through the power of mindfulness and connecting with the natural world

Humans have an innate attraction to the natural world. Time spent in natural outdoor environments is scientifically proven to result in physiological and psychological benefits, such as lowered blood pressure and improved mood. Informed by mindfulness and ecotherapy, this session will introduce activities to support a deep and restorative connection with nature. It will also advise on the various wellbeing benefits of bringing the outdoors into the workplace, such as through green offices and walk and talk meetings.

An introduction to mindfulness

Research shows that mindfulness can be a great tool to improve emotional wellbeing, stress and sleep. This seminar will introduce the concept of mindfulness, briefly explore the neuroscience behind it and provide opportunity for guided mindfulness practices. There will also be ideas about how you can incorporate this practice into your busy, day to day lives.

Bridging the gap between intention and behaviour change

People spend a great deal of time identifying areas for development. But why is it that the goals we set for ourselves and others are not always realised? This session draws upon psychological models to understand the process of behaviour change and the pivotal role of self-regulation. Practical solutions to facilitative turning intentions into lasting change are discussed.

Making training count: How to optimise learning transfer

Research suggests that less than 10% of what is learnt on a training course is actually transferred back to the workplace. This session will introduce Dr Cooley’s Model for Optimal Learning and Transfer (MOLT). Numerous psychologically-informed recommendations are provided, starting with what can be done to best prepare staff before a training course commences, how the training experience itself can be adapted to increase the likelihood of learning transfer, and what provisions can be made in the workplace environment to support staff in recognising transfer opportunities and in making successful changes.

Understanding the neuroscience of communication and how this can influence organisational culture

Brain imaging technology shows that social experiences elicit the same neurological responses as physical threat and rewards. Research demonstrates that when we are in ‘reward’ brain, our cognitive functioning, creativity and insight are all improved and perceptual errors are reduced. This workshop covers the social domains (including communication styles) that elicit threat / rewards responses in the brain and offers tips of how to engage in more positive communication styles.

Bespoke services

Our experience working with corporate clients has demonstrated that every business is unique in terms of its objectives, employees and values. If the above topics don’t quite work for you, you can contact us to arrange a free consultation and we will design a bespoke package to meet the needs of you and your business. 

Consultation and reflective groups

We offer assessments, consultations and reflective groups for employees and business leaders facing challenges or times of change. Research has demonstrated the benefits to growth and employee wellbeing resulting from 1-to-1 consultations or team-based reflective group discussions facilitated by a psychologist. This input may comprise a one-off meeting or a series of interventions.