image0Dr. Robyn Cooley BSc. MSc. DClinPsy. CPsychol

I am a Chartered Clinical Psychologist registered with and regulated by the Health Care Professions Council and British Psychological Society. I provide psychological assessments and therapy to individuals across the life span, as well as couples and family systems. I have over 10 years experience supporting people with their distress, mental health, relationships, unwanted thoughts, feelings and behaviours, and work-related stress.  

I understand these difficulties can affect us all. And I know that reaching out for support and to engage openly and honestly with emotional pain can be hard. So I meet my client’s courage with the warmth and respect it deserves, and a confidence that their efforts will be rewarded with positive changes and a renewed connection to themselves, others and the world. Compassion is central to all my therapy and I provide a safe place for my clients to explore their difficulties without judgment. 

I bring a broad and extensive understanding of psychological theory to develop a formulation to make sense of their presenting concerns. At the end of my assessments, I share this with clients and use it to inform therapy. My training in the delivery of multiple models of psychotherapy means I offer an integrative, evidence-based and clinically-informed intervention that is tailored to the individual. Details about difficulties and therapeutic models that I typically work with can be found on the therapy services page of the website. 

Alongside my therapy work in the NHS, I work systemically, offering supervision, reflective practice groups and consultation sessions to a range of staff groups and health care professionals. I have also evaluated service provisions and conducted empirical research and literature reviews, which I have presented to expert panels and published in leading journals, with a view to informing future clinical practice. 

I am passionate about applying my skills to corporate environments, sharing my understanding of the human mind and coping strategies to support businesses and employees to manage challenges faced at work and difficult dynamics within teams.

colour2-sam-cooley-blog-psychology-website-40samjoecooleyDr. Sam Cooley BSc. PhD. DClinPsy. CPsychol

I am a Chartered Clinical Psychologist registered with and regulated by the Health Care Professions Council and British Psychological Society. I see children and adults for psychological assessment and therapy. I most often work with anxiety, depression, panic, stress, burnout, trauma, neurodiversity, physical health, sport, and exercise. I use a person-centred approach, informed by acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), companion focussed therapy (CFT) and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

I have an academic background and I’m actively involved in research, lecturing, and teaching at the Universities of Birmingham and Leicester. I regularly publish in journals and books and have presented my work internationally, including in New York and New Zealand.

For Cooley Psychological Wellbeing, I take a lead on the business consultancy and corporate training. Since my PhD in 2011, I’ve consulted with third sector, public sector, and private sector organisations and presented on psychologically informed ideas and ways to embed them.

Within my research and therapy practice, I have a special interest in mindfulness and the benefits of connecting with the natural world. I have worked with the BPS and ACP-UK to develop national guidelines that support therapists in taking their work outdoors and I’m an honorary treasurer of the BPS Faculty of Holistic Psychology.

I enjoy working with a variety of client groups on both the individual and organisational level; these include businesses, athletes and exercisers, mental health clients, youth homelessness, healthcare workers, parents, and students.

You can view my publications here | Twitter: @SamJoeCooley