Our team

Louise Smith | Practice Manager

Louise leads the day-to-day running of Cooley Psychological Wellbeing. Her role includes managing the administrative side of the practice and maintaining client relations. Louise is on hand to schedule appointments and help with any queries you have. Louise is highly experienced in customer relations and is passionate about supporting others.

Dr Robyn Cooley | Partner | Clinical Psychologist & EMDR Therapist

BSc. MSc. DClinPsy. CPsychol


Robyn is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist and EMDR Therapist, registered with and regulated by the Health Care Professions Council and British Psychological Society. Robyn provides psychological assessment and therapy to individuals across the life span, as well as couples and family systems. Robyn has over 10 years experience supporting people with their distress, mental health, relationships, unwanted thoughts, feelings and behaviours, and work-related stress. Her training in the delivery of multiple models of psychotherapy means Robyn offers an integrative, evidence-based and clinically-informed intervention that is tailored to the individual. Robyn is our lead clinician for neurodiversity and offers assessment and support for autism and other neurodivergence. Robyn also provides corporate training and support to organisations.

Dr Sam Cooley | Partner | Clinical Psychologist

BSc. PhD. DClinPsy. CPsychol


Sam is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist registered with and regulated by the Health Care Professions Council and British Psychological Society (BPS). He sees children and adults for psychological assessment and therapy. Sam most often works with anxiety, depression, panic, stress, burnout, trauma, neurodivergence, physical health, sport, and exercise. He uses a person-centred approach, informed by acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and compassion focussed therapy (CFT). Sam also works as a university lecturer in Clinical Psychology and provides corporate consultancy and training. Sam is the honorary treasurer for the BPS Faculty of Holistic Psychology and has a particular interest in mindfulness and ecotherapy.

Lauren Lee | Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner & Senior Assistant Psychologist

BSc. MSc. PGCert

Lauren is a Senior Assistant Psychologist and a qualified Children’s Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner. Lauren has studied psychology at the Universities of Exeter and Warwick and has completed a Postgraduate Certificate in ‘Brief Evidence-Based Interventions for Children and Young People with Common Mental Health Problems’ at the University of Reading. Lauren currently offers a range of CBT-informed interventions, including anxiety management for generalised anxiety and panic attacks, graded exposure for phobias and feared situations, behavioural activation for the management of low mood, and parent-led interventions for children with anxiety and behavioural difficulties. Her role at Cooley Psychological Wellbeing also involves autism assessment, therapeutic groups, research and service development.

Charley Gibbs | Senior Assistant Psychologist

BSc. MSc

Charley graduated from the University of York in 2019 with an integrated masters in Psychology, specialising in neurodevelopmental disorders. Charley has been researching the sex differences in the manifestation of autism symptoms, masking, and the biases within diagnostic tools used for autism diagnosis. More recently, Charley completed a graduate scheme at a school specifically catering to those with profound autism and associated difficulties. Within her role at Cooley Psychological Wellbeing, Charley provides ADOS-informed assessments for autism in adults and children, as well as compiling developmental histories and supporting with research and service development.

Dr Emily Compton-Smith | Associate | Clinical Psychologist

BSc. DClinPsy

Emily is a Clinical Psychologist registered with and regulated by the Health Care Professions Council. Working in the NHS and independent services, Emily sees children and adults for psychological assessment and therapy. She has particular expertise in neurodiversity and as an associate of Cooley Psychological Wellbeing, Emily supports our assessment pathway for autism and ADHD.

Jenny Bazely | Associate | Dietitian

BSc. MSc. RD

Jenny is a Dietitian, registered with the Health Care Professions Council and Full Member of the British Dietetic Association.  She has over 15 years’ experience working with adults with complex dietetic needs, both within the NHS and in private practice. Jenny offers specialist support in variety of areas, such as weight management, cancer, gastro intestinal disease, chronic kidney disease, diabetes, poly cystic ovarian syndrome, and menopause, amoung others. Jenny understands the impact diet can have on our mental health and the deep emotional connection that often underpins our eating behaviour. Jenny has the skills to guide you through the myriad of information in the media, to ensure you are consuming food that will best serve you, now and into the future.