Outdoor therapy

If you’d prefer to be out and about during your appointments, outdoor therapy might be the approach for you. Outdoor therapy involves meeting with your practitioner whilst sitting or walking in your chosen outdoor environment, such as parks and footpaths. Outdoor therapy offers a number of benefits: 

  • supporting clients who find an indoor therapy room encounter too uncomfortable
  • physical movement and dynamic surroundings supporting psychological flexibility in those who feel psychologically ‘stuck’
  • providing an escape from day-to-day routines and environments associated with a client’s difficulties
  • restorative effects of time spent in natural settings
  • holistic benefits to physical as well as psychological health

Our Partner at Cooley Psychological Wellbeing, Dr Sam Cooley, has received international recognition for his work in outdoor therapy. Dr Cooley is involved in training other practitioners and has produced national guidance for the British Psychological Society. Links are provided below if you would like to read more. 

Please request a consultation to discuss whether outdoor therapy would be a good fit for you. 

Further reading:

There are many reasons why therapy can be more effective outside” an article Psyche online magazine
Into the Wild’: A meta-synthesis of talking therapy in natural outdoor spaces” an academic article published in Clinical Psychology Review
The use of talking therapy outdoors” a guidance document by the British Psychological Society
For blog posts and more reading please visit www.samjoecooley.com